Eight Things People Would Rather Do Than Have Sex

May 20th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

bookIf you struck out with the opposite sex this weekend, this might make you bitter . . . apparently a lot of people are TURNING DOWN sex to do other stuff instead.  Here’s a list of eight things some people would RATHER do than have sex.

1.  Eat.  A couple years ago a study revealed that one out of three single people would rather eat than have sex.  And a different study showed 43% of Canadians would rather have BACON than sex.

2.  Use a smartphone.  In an American survey about things people can’t live without, sex finished below smartphones.

3.  Sleep.  This is more for women.  In one survey, 80% of them said they’d rather sleep than get busy.

4.  Own a plasma TV.  Almost half of men in the UK would give up sex for six months to get a 50-inch plasma TV.

5.  Drink hot chocolate.  There was one study where 70 percent of Irish women said they’d take a cup of hot chocolate over having sex.

6.  Go solo.  More than 40% of women say they like pleasuring themselves better than doing it with a partner.

7.  Catch up on paperwork.  Seems like you’d need to be a pretty terrible lover to lose out to a pile of paperwork.  But in the UK, women said they prefer the paperwork.

8.  Read a book.  In the paperwork study, women also said they’d rather read a book than have sex.


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Most Disliked People in Sports

May 20th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

vickSports Illustrated has released their annual list of the least-liked figures in sports – and guess who topped the list?

Of course, it’s LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

So, Sterling pretty much went on his racist rant just in time to get the award. Is this guy golden or what?

Here’s a rundown of the top five:

Donald Sterling– racist rants
Alex Rodriguez– juicer and overwhelming d-bag
Ryan Braun– juicer and liar
Richie Incognito – bully
Michael Vick– still unpopular because of his dog fighting past

(Sports Illustrated)

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15 Things That Instantly Make a Guy Less Attractive

May 19th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

patch“Cosmo” recently came out with a list of things that make a guy instantly more attractive.  So here’s 15 things that instantly make a guy LESS attractive.

1.  Aggressive or reckless driving.

2.  A soul patch or goatee.

3.  Wearing anything by Ed Hardy.

4.  Smoking

5.  Calling all their friends “bro.”

6.  Having no hobbies or interests.

7.  Not reading books.

8.  Bad manners.

9.  Bad grammar or spelling.

10.  Being rude to servers, bartenders, or people who work in retail.

11.  Swearing a lot.

12.  Indecisiveness.

13.  Wearing a Bluetooth headset everywhere.

14.  Wearing a fedora.

15.  Calling their ex “crazy.”


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Celebrity Body Parts Worth Way More Than the Million Dollar Arm

May 19th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

jlobuttThe feel-good movie Million Dollar Arm, starring Jon Hamm, is now in theaters.

But a million dollars is chicken feed when it comes to the insurance policies some celebrities have taken out on their body parts.

Here’s a rundown of some celebrity body parts that are worth way more than a cool million:

Keith Richards’ Middle Finger – $1.6 million
Bruce Springsteen’s Vocal Cords – $6 million
Tom Jones’ Chest Hair – $7 million
Jennifer Lopez’s Butt – $27 million
Mariah Carey’s Legs – $1 billion


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Crossfit Crazy States

May 19th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

crossfitCrossfit is one of the most popular workout trends in the country … and in a lot of the world.

But if you’ve never heard of it, you could have your state to blame.

The website Estately.com put together a list of most Crossfit-obsessed states in the country.

Here are the Top 10:


In case you were wondering … The Dakotas were at the bottom of the list.

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Things That Drive Women to Cheat

May 19th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

cheatingVictoriaMilan.com, a website designed to help married people cheat, polled their female members to find the number one reason that women cheat.

An incredible 73% said the main reason they jumped in bed with another man was because of irritating behaviors.

And, here’s a rundown of the 10 most irritating behaviors that the women used as excuses for cheating.

He lacks a sense of humor – 19%
He’s not understanding enough – 16%
He’s not good in bed – 14%
He lacks good manners – 11%
He’s lazy and doesn’t have any life plans – 10%
He doesn’t care about his appearance and has poor hygiene – 9%
He’s not successful – 7%
He doesn’t pay enough attention to details and social obligations – 5%
He’s unable to clean up after himself and he’s a mama’s boy – 5%
He’s stingy – 4%

(Huffington Post)

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The Top Five Reasons People Break Up

May 13th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

breakupIf you feel like the SPARK is gone from your relationship . . . it might be time to start moving your stuff out.  A new survey asked people who’d just gotten out of a relationship why they broke up . . . and 52% said it’s because the spark was gone.

Here are the top five reasons couples break up . . .

1.  The spark was gone.

2.  Someone cheated.

3.  Arguments over money.

4.  Too many personality clashes.

5.  One of them fell in love with someone else.  Which kinda sounds like the second one . . . although at least they haven’t DONE anything about it yet.


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Restroom Pet Peeves

May 13th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

toiletHere’s a quick reminder of etiquette for public bathrooms:

Do What You Need to Do and Leave – Restrooms aren’t for lingering or catching up on the latest gossip. Once you’re done with what you have to do, leave.

Flush – While you might be proud, no one else wants to see your business.

Keep Your Eyes on the Wall or Yourself – This is a big deal. Don’t creep other dudes out.

Warn Others of Paper Shortages – You’ll get points in heaven if you warn the next person in line that supplies of toilet paper are low in your stall.

Wash Your Hands – After you’re done, be a good citizen of the world and wash your hands. Every person you come in contact with the rest of the day deserves this kindness.

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