The Bobby D Show #1076

March 31st, 2015    Posted in On Demand


This is The Bobby D Show from Tuesday March 31st 2015. Thanks for checking out the show. To listen to the show live check out and search for ‘The Bobby D Show.’

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The Top Ten Things That Distract Teenage Drivers

March 31st, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

teenTriple-A recently looked at 1,700 car crashes where teenagers were driving, and texting WASN’T the number one cause . . . but it was up there.  Here are the top ten things that distract teenage drivers . . .

1.  Interacting with other passengers, 14.9%.  Which is why it’s so dangerous for kids to drive around with a car full of friends.

2.  Using their cellphone . . . so texting, talking, and GPS, 11.9%.

3.  Getting distracted by something else in the car, 10.6%.

4.  Getting distracted by something OUTSIDE the car, 9%.

5.  Singing or dancing in their seat, 7.7%.

6.  Reaching for an object, 5.6%.

7.  Personal grooming . . . meaning looking in the mirror, or doing their make-up, 5.5%.

8.  Getting distracted by a pedestrian or another driver, 4.4%.

9.  Taking their eyes off the road to operate the controls, 3.3%.

10.  Eating or drinking, 1.7%.

(AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)


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The Most Dangerous Time to Be Home Is 6:30 P.M. on Saturday

March 31st, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

saturdayIf you cooked dinner on Saturday night, apparently you should consider yourself LUCKY TO BE ALIVE.

A new study found the most dangerous time to be home is 6:30 P.M. on Saturday.

That’s when the most accidents happen . . . and the theory is it’s because people are cooking dinner while they’ve got a few DRINKS in them.

The study also found the kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house . . . 63% of injuries happen there.

55% of us have hurt ourselves cooking . . . and 10% of us have accidentally started a fire.

(The Telegraph)

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The Bobby D Show #1075

March 30th, 2015    Posted in On Demand


This is The Bobby D Show from Monday March 30th 2015. Thanks for checking out the show. To listen to the show live check out and search for ‘The Bobby D Show.’

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The 10 Most Common “Jeopardy!” Categories

March 30th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

jeoHave you ever wondered what the most common “Jeopardy!” categories are?  Me neither.  But someone was interested enough to go through EVERY SINGLE episode between 1984 and 2012 to figure it out.

In the end, he found that “Before & After” appeared most often . . . 547 times.  And it didn’t even debut until 1997, 13 years into the show’s run.

Here are the 10 most common categories, which cover the first round, “Double Jeopardy,” and “Final Jeopardy,” along with the total times they appeared:

1.  Before & After . . . 547 times

2.  Science . . . 519 times

3.  Literature . . . 496 times

4.  American History . . . 418 times

5.  Potpourri . . . 401 times

6.  World History . . . 377 times

7.  Word Origins . . . 371 times

8.  Colleges & Universities . . . 351 times

9.  History . . . 349 times

10.  Sports . . . 342 times

For what it’s worth, “Word Origins” is the most common “Final Jeopardy” category.  It has appeared 34 times.

Meanwhile, the most common ANSWERS are all locations.  “China” is the most frequent correct response, appearing 216 times.  Australia is a close second . . . followed by Japan, Chicago, France, India, California, Canada, Spain, and Mexico.

(You can find a full breakdown of all the data, here.)

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Five Tips for Keeping Your Dating Budget in Check

March 30th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

budgetDating can be expensive, so here are five tips for keeping costs down, from . . .

1.  Make a budget.  Figure out what you can afford to shell out on dates each month and stick to it.

2.  Don’t buy new clothes just to impress your date.  Ladies, you KNOW you have enough clothes in your closet to put something together.

3.  Do lunch or coffee first.  Paying for two people to go out to dinner or drinks can add up FAST.  So make lunch or coffee your go-to for first dates.

4.  Don’t be afraid to use a coupon.  The stigma behind coupons pretty much disappeared once sites like Groupon and LivingSocial popped up.

5.  Go outside when the weather’s nice.  It’s spring, so there’s going to be more things to do outside soon . . . like free outdoor concerts or movies in the park.


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Pepsi Just Passed Diet Coke as the Second Most Popular Soda

March 30th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

cokeCoke was the most popular soda in the country last year . . . it’s number one EVERY year.  But the battle for number two has been tight for a while.

Pepsi used to ALWAYS come in second . . . then Diet Coke passed it back in 2010, and stayed there ever since.  But now the numbers for 2014 are out, and Pepsi is back at number two.

The top 10 sodas in the country are:  Coke . . . Pepsi . . . Diet Coke . . . Mountain Dew . . . Dr. Pepper . . . Sprite . . . Diet Pepsi . . . Fanta . . . Diet Mountain Dew . . . and Coke Zero.

We drank less soda last year than we did in 2013, and that’s the TENTH year in a row that soda drinking has gone down.  The main reason is there are so many other options now . . . like flavored waters, energy drinks, and everything in between.

(Wall Street Journal / Ad Age)

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March 30th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

partyWelcome to the weekend. There’s a lot – for most of us – to be excited about. The weather’s getting warmer and March Madness is in full swing. And, if you’re interested, the NBA is also steamrolling toward the playoffs.
There are plenty of reasons to party.
But you have to ask yourself, “Am I doing my best in this department? Am I partying like a champ?”
Well, the website crunched the numbers and came up with the Top 10 states that party the hardest in America. And the winners are …
10. Wisconsin
9. Arizona
8. Louisiana
7. Hawaii
6. Florida
5. Texas
4. Illinois
3. New York
2. Nevada
1. California (BroBible)
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