Five of the Best Places to Meet Someone

April 27th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

DogparkIf you’re sick of Tinder and the whole Online dating thing, came out with a list of the best places to meet someone who isn’t lame.  Here’s their list . . .

1.  Trader Joe’s.  Is it just me, or do the people who shop at Trader Joe’s always seem to be younger and hotter than people at regular grocery stores?   Plus you’re literally surrounded by people who appreciate quality food at good prices.

2.  Game night.  It’s a group setting, which makes it good for meeting new people, plus you’ve got that competitive thing going on with the games.

3.  A concert.  You’ll already know you have the same taste in music, and it’s a built-in icebreaker.

4.  The dog park.  If you have a dog, you probably already know he’s the perfect wingman.

5.  They have a ridiculous amount of groups for every interest under the sun.  If you hit up enough of them, you’re bound to find someone you connect with.

(Ask Men)


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Doctors Used Skin from a Guy’s Forearm to Rebuild His Tongue, and Now He Has to Shave It

April 27th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

hairyA 48-year-old in England named David Billings went to the doctor about a year-and-a-half ago when he had trouble swallowing, and they found a cancerous tumor on the right side of his tongue.

Luckily they were able to remove it before the cancer spread.  But then he had trouble talking, because an inch-and-a-half section of his tongue was missing.

So a surgeon rebuilt it using a skin graft from his left forearm.  Which worked.  That part of his tongue is still numb, and he doesn’t have taste buds there, but he can talk again.

He does have to deal with one weird side effect though.  The skin from his arm still grows HAIR . . . so he has to SHAVE his tongue now.

He says it doesn’t bother him too much, and his wife doesn’t seem to notice the hair when they kiss.  So he’s going au naturel for now.

(Daily Mirror)

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The Bobby D Show #1094

April 24th, 2015    Posted in On Demand


This is The Bobby D Show from Friday April 24th 2015. Thanks for checking out the show. To listen to the show live check out and search for ‘The Bobby D Show.’

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The Top Five Reasons We Care More About Mother’s Day Than Father’s Day

April 24th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

momsIt’s that time of year again when we remind Mom she’s the most important person in the world to us . . . and then give Dad another lame tie.

A new survey asked what people would do if they could only celebrate Mother’s Day OR Father’s Day. Not both. And an overwhelming majority chose Mom over Dad. 78% said they’d celebrate Mother’s Day, and just 22% would pick Father’s Day.

Here are the top five reasons people say their dad would get the shaft . . .

1. Mom deserves the attention more.

2. We feel like we have more in common with our mom.

3. She’s the one who actually had to give BIRTH.

4. We just like our mom more.

5. Mother’s Day just feels like a more important holiday.

As far as spending time with her on Mother’s Day, 90% of people say they do it just because they love her . . . but 22% are also afraid of being guilt-tripped if they don’t.

And 26% admit they can only spend about four hours with their mom before she starts driving them nuts.


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The Bobby D Show Interview with Kimberly Amato

April 24th, 2015    Posted in Interviews, On Demand



Toady we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming on of the coolest people we’ve had on the show in a LONG time, actress and author Kimberly Amato!  Funny, multi-talented, beautiful, down to earth…these are just some of the things you would use to describe today’s guest.

Kimberly joined us to talk about her book ‘Steele Resolve.’  She also told us whether there will be a 2nd or 3rd book and MUCH MORE!

Be sure to check out Kimberly Amato on Twitter and on her website

You can buy the book right here.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the interview!

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A Controversial Study Says There Are Six Types of People Who Become Obese

April 24th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

bigResearchers in England recently looked at profiles of more than 4,000 people who were obese.  And the results are causing some controversy, because they claim that almost all of the people fell into one of these six categories . . .

1.  Young guys who drank too much.  They had some healthy habits, and maybe even worked out.  But they still gained weight because of all the alcohol.

2.  Young women who overate.  Just like the guys, they were healthy in some ways.  But they were more likely to get their extra calories from food than booze.

3.  Middle-aged people who were unhappy and anxious.  Most of them were women, who were also more likely to suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

4.  Seniors with chronic health issues, like arthritis or diabetes.  They mostly had low levels of depression and anxiety though, and tended to be HAPPY with life in general.

5.  Older people with money.  They had some healthy habits, but drank more than average, and usually had high blood pressure.

6.  People who were REALLY unhealthy.  Meaning they didn’t exercise AND ate like crap.  They were more likely than any other group to have issues with pain and fatigue, and were also more likely to struggle financially.


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The Bobby D Show #1093

April 23rd, 2015    Posted in On Demand


This is The Bobby D Show from Thursday April 23rd 2015. Thanks for checking out the show. To listen to the show live check out and search for ‘The Bobby D Show.’

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People Judge You Within 26 Seconds of Entering Your Home . . . Here’s What They’re Looking For

April 23rd, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

judgingYou know how when you go to someone’s house, you immediately start judging it . . . even without realizing you’re doing it?  Yeah . . . everyone does that to you too.

A new survey found the average person has totally judged you and made up their mind about how you live within 26 SECONDS of entering your place.  Here are 10 of the snap judgments they use to come up with their opinion . . .

1.  The smell.

2.  The amount of clutter.

3.  Any stains or marks on the walls.

4.  How nice the couch is.

5.  The decorations on the walls.

6.  Whether the way you decorated is modern or stylish.

7.  Piles of mail stacked up.

8.  Whether shoes are arranged neatly or scattered everywhere.

9.  Kids toys lying around.

10.  The amount of random dust.

(FemaleFirst / Daily Mail)

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