The Smartest and Dumbest States

November 19th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

dumbI’m not sure you can call any entire state smart or dumb.  Because I assure you, EVERY state is filled with buffoons bringing down geniuses like I.  Or is it geniuses like me?  See.  The buffoons are winning.

The “Washington Post” just ranked all 50 states from smartest to dumbest based on four factors:  Average IQ scores . . . their SAT scores this year. . . their ACT scores this year . . . and the percentage of college grads.

And the smartest state in the country is . . . Massachusetts.  Even though 77,000 guys named Sully might make you disagree.

The rest of the 10 smartest states goes:  Minnesota . . . New Hampshire . . . Connecticut . . . Wisconsin . . . Kansas . . . Vermont . . . Iowa . . . New Jersey . . . and Colorado.

The dumbest state is Hawaii.  Which is sort of surprising, since the people there are the only ones smart enough to realize you can live on an island paradise and still be part of America.

The rest of the 10 least intelligent states are:  Nevada . . . Mississippi . . . Alabama . . . Florida . . . South Carolina . . . West Virginia . . . Louisiana . . . North Carolina . . . and Arizona.

(Washington Post

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The Best Jobs For People Who Hate People

November 19th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

huntinAre you one of those people who hates other people?  It’s fine if you are . . . but you’re probably not meant for a job in sales, or party planning, or escort work.  But don’t worry.  There ARE good jobs that fit your horrible personality.

Business Insider came up with a list of the best jobs for people who hate people based on two criteria.  One, there’s very little contact with other people.  And two, when you ARE forced to interact with someone, you don’t have to be nice.  Here are the ten best.

1.  Hunters and trappers.

2.  Farm workers and crop laborers.

3.  Poets and other kinds of creative writers.

4.  Artists.

5.  Garment or textile pressers.

6.  Geological sample testers.

7.  Grinding and polishing.

8.  Tree cutters.

9.  Pottery workers.

10.  Economists.

(Business Insider)

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Eight Things on Menus That Are Way Overpriced

November 19th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News recently asked a bunch of chefs and restaurant owners to name the most overpriced things on menus.  Here are the top eight.

1.  Fried calamari.  It’s almost always overpriced, and it’s mostly breading.

2.  Spicy tuna rolls.  A lot of sushi chefs use old, leftover pieces of tuna when they make it, because they know the spicy sauce covers up the taste.

3.  Oysters.  When they’re served on the half-shell, they can be marked up 3,000%.

4.  “Kobe” beef.  Most places serve Kobe-STYLE beef, which is pretty much meaningless.  One chef joked it translates as, “add eight dollars.”

5.  Truffles and truffle oil.  A lot of restaurants actually use imitation truffle oil.  And even when you get real truffles, they only give you a few flecks of it.

6.  Bottled water.  A lot of restaurants have filtration systems for their tap water now.  So at least ask about it before you waste your money.

7.  Liquor.  Especially well liquor, which is more likely to give you a hangover.  You’re better off spending an extra dollar or two to get something decent.

8.  Anything with lobster in it.  They almost never put GOOD pieces of lobster in there.  It’s usually scraps, and the tails are sold on their own.


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The Bobby D Show #1234

November 19th, 2015    Posted in On Demand


This is The Bobby D Show from Wednesday November 18th 2015. Thanks for checking out the show. To listen to the show live check out and search for ‘The Bobby D Show.’

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The Top 10 Role Playing Costumes People Fantasize About

November 18th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

maidCostumes are an excellent way to spice up your sex life.  Especially right now in the post Halloween sweet spot, when you can probably pick them up for like 70% off.  Sexy plus frugal equals EXTRA SEXY.

A new survey found the top 10 role playing costumes people fantasize about.  Check ’em out . . .

1.  Doctor and nurse.

2.  French maid.

3.  Schoolgirl.

4.  Secretary.

5.  Playboy bunny.

6.  Flight attendant.

7.  Firefighter.

8.  Masseuse.

9.  Victoria’s Secret model.

10.  Police officer.

(Daily Mail)

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The Seven Weirdest Things People Have Found on Their Significant Other’s Phone

November 18th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

phoneYou probably shouldn’t go through your partner’s phone.  Mainly because you need to trust them.  But also because you REALLY don’t want to find that one weird thing that’ll make you never look at them the same way.

A new survey found 41% of people admit they’ve dug around their significant other’s phone . . . and 12% have found something that made them take a break from the relationship.  Here are the seven weirdest things they found . . .

1.  A picture of a sex toy stuck to a car window.

2.  Multiple pictures of cat poop.

3.  Pictures of strangers wearing clothes the person wanted to buy.

4.  The “My Little Pony” app.

5.  A period tracking app on a man’s phone.

6.  A picture of someone else’s pet spider.

7.  And a picture of a pigeon eating a pie.

The survey also found 10% found signs that the person was cheating on them.  Not sure if that’s more or less disturbing than the pigeon eating the pie.  There’s something so unsavory about that.


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The Terms “Cage-Free” and “Hormone-Free” on Turkeys Are Meaningless

November 18th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

turkeyIf you haven’t bought your Thanksgiving turkey yet, this might save you a few bucks . . .

Don’t pay more just because the label says it was raised “cage-free”.  With turkeys, that’s just marketing nonsense.

With CHICKENS, “cage-free” is a real thing.  When you buy “cage-free” eggs, it means the hen didn’t spend its whole life in a tiny cage.

But every single turkey that comes from a farm in America is ALREADY cage-free, because they’re just not raised in cages like that.  Companies only put it on the label to make you feel good, and get you to spend a few extra bucks.

You also might see the phrase “young turkey” on the label, or the term “hormone-free”.  And those are both meaningless too.

It’s illegal to use hormones on turkeys in the U.S.  And every turkey they sell at grocery stores is “young”.  No one’s out there feeding them for an extra five years just so they can sell you an OLD turkey.

(The Detroit News)

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The Bobby D Show #1233

November 18th, 2015    Posted in On Demand


This is The Bobby D Show from Tuesday November 17th 2015. Thanks for checking out the show. To listen to the show live check out and search for ‘The Bobby D Show.’

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