The Bobby D Show Awards 2011

Here are the nominee’s for The Bobby D Show Awards 2011.  MAKE SURE TO READ EVERYTHING AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE ON HOW TO VOTE.  Don’t forget that you have a chance to take home $250 dollars and a chance at $500.  YOU MAY ONLY CAST ONE BALLOT! Here are your categories and your nominees.

Best Interview

Frockey (an interview about an interesting new sport)

Gut Bustin Games Interview  (an interview with the creator of these great games)

MaryJanice Davidson (The Bobby D Show’s favorite author back to promote her book)

Federal Trustee Services (an interview about a very slimy guy in the finance industry)

Cook To Bang (Valentine’s Interview)  (Spencer joined us for a great Valentine’s recipe)

Best Celebrity Interview


Jason Lee

Isaiah Mustafa

Cedric the Entertainer

Flavor Flav

Jane Seymour

Top Podcast

Soil  (Podcast #12)

Isreal Spain  (Podcast #9)

Attackhead  (Podcast #7)

6 Prong Paw  (Podcast #5)

low-fi  (Podcast #4)

Vial…Experiment  (Podcast #2)

Top Podcast Musical Guest

6 Prong Paw



Toy Called God

A Killing Dove

Stereo Boyz

Best Clip

The Wipe Clip (located at the very bottom of the about page) Features Civi and Bobby D

Sports W/ Civi Segment #6

Chance Encounters the Jorge Edition

Celebrity that Died that You’ll Miss the Most

– Amy Whinehouse (Musician)

– Heavy D (Musician)

– Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage (Pro Wrestler)

– Patrice O’Neal (Comedian)

– Steve Jobs (Apple Founder)

– Liz Taylor (Actress)

Story that had You Glued to the TV

– The Casey Anthony Story

– Michael Jackson Trial

– Charlie Sheen’s Meltdown

– The Penn St. fiasco and sex abuse case

– Lindsay Lohan’s on going legal battles

– Herman Cain’s troubles with the ladies.


Now, in order for your vote to actually count, you must follow these simple directions exactly!  You need to email us at thebobbydshowawards[@] (of course moving the brackets from around the @ sign) with the following information;

The subject line should have — My Awards Vote

Then in the body of the email you must provide the name of EACH category and then your vote to go with each category.  YOU MUST VOTE for all categories in order for your vote to count. If you DO NOT vote for all categories your ballot WILL NOT BE COUNTED.  You really need to make sure that you follow directions in order to get your ballot to count.   All entries will be tossed into the $250 prize drawing and ballots with ALL the winners correct will be entered in for a chance to win $500.

BONUS VOTE:  You may cast an extra vote and one extra vote only for the Top Podcast Musical Guest.  To get the extra vote counted, you must ‘like’ The Bobby D Show page on Facebook and then write on our wall just this, ‘I Vote for _______’ with the blank being filled in with the name of the band that you are voting for in that CATEGORY ONLY.  You will know your vote has been counted because we (The Bobby D Show) will like your wall post.  If we haven’t liked your wall post that means that you either didn’t do it correctly or we are just a little behind.  It should NEVER take more than 24 hours to get your Facebook vote counted.

The band that wins the Top Podcast Musical Guest will receive a new podcast with The Bobby D Show that is eligible for the 2012 The Bobby D Show awards.  Please go to the contact page with any questions that you might have. Thanks and good luck you everyone!