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10 Interesting Facts and Stats from Super Bowl 50

February 9th, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

superbowlAfter last night’s Super Bowl, we ventured out into the Internet in search of some trivia and interesting facts on Super Bowl 50.  Here’s what we came up with:

1.  The Denver Broncos didn’t score an offensive touchdown until there was only three minutes left to go in the game, when C.J. Anderson ran it in.  And that really only happened because Denver got a new set of downs after a Carolina penalty.

If the Broncos hadn’t scored that TD, they still would have won.  And they would’ve become the first team in Super Bowl history to win without scoring an offensive touchdown.

By the way, the 1968 Jets and the 2002 Patriots are the only other teams to win a Super Bowl with just one offensive touchdown.

2.  The Broncos won with 194 yards on offense, the fewest of any team to win a Super Bowl.  The previous low was 244 by the 2000 Ravens in Super Bowl 35.

3.  The Panthers were down 13-to-7 at halftime.  Before yesterday, they hadn’t trailed by more than three points at halftime all season . . . and that only happened twice.  They ended up winning both games.

4.  This was the only game all season where the Carolina Panthers NEVER led.  Their 10 points was the fewest they’ve scored in a game all season.  The Panthers were 15-1 this year.  Five teams have won 15 or more games in the regular season since 1990.  None of them have won a Super Bowl.

5.  The Broncos tied a Super Bowl record with seven sacks, and forced four turnovers.  That doomed the Panthers.  Teams with three or more turnovers in the Super Bowl are 0-19 since 1980.

6.  The Broncos became the ninth franchise in NFL history to win three Super Bowls.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are #1 overall, with six Super Bowl wins.

Denver has been to the Super Bowl eight times, which is tied for the most.  The others to make it to eight are:  The New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Steelers.

7.  Peyton Manning became the 12th starting quarterback to win TWO Super Bowls.  He’s also the first to win one with two DIFFERENT teams.  He also won with the Indianapolis Colts in 2007.

8.  Peyton is the OLDEST quarterback to win a Super Bowl.  He’s 39.  Another Bronco, John Elway, is the second oldest.  He was 38 when he won in 1999.

Peyton and Cam also have the biggest age gap between quarterbacks in NFL history.  Cam is 26, so they are 13 years apart.  When Peyton was drafted, Cam was just seven years old.

9.  Somewhat surprisingly, this is the first Super Bowl matchup between quarterbacks who were drafted #1 overall.  And it was the first Super Bowl where the #1 overall pick from a draft (Cam in 2011) faced off against the #2 overall pick from the same draft (Von Miller in 2011).

10.  At least twice during the Super Bowl broadcast, Jim Nantz shared this interesting fact:  With Denver’s win, head coachGary Kubiak became the first person to ever win the Super Bowl as a head coach for the same team he played for.  He backed up John Elway for nine seasons.

But that’s WRONG.  Two others have also done it.  Tom Flores with the Oakland Raiders and Mike Ditka with the Chicago Bears.

What he MEANT to say is that Kubiak is the first head coach to win a Super Bowl with the same team he also WENT TO THE SUPER BOWL WITH as a player.

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Would You Date a Friend’s Ex? Plus Five More New Stats on Exes

February 4th, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

exI feel like it’s a bad idea to date a friend’s ex . . . at least if you’re planning on keeping the friend.  Turns out that makes ME the weird one.

A new survey found only half of women and one-third of men would be upset if their friend dated one of their exes.  Here are some more results from the survey . . .

1.  The majority of people think you had to have dated someone for at least three months before they count as an ex.

2.  Half of men and 42% of women will stay friends with their exes.

3.  25% of people have gone back and gotten-it-on with someone after a break-up.

4.  16% of people have drunk dialed an ex.

5.  And . . . believe it or not . . . having sex with a bunch of people makes you good at figuring out what works for you.  Women who’ve been in at least five relationships are 103% more likely to have multiple climaxes when they’re getting-it-on.


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What Financial Issue Is Most Likely to End Your Relationship?

February 4th, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

moneyissuesHere’s some reassuring news.  Of all the financial issues that could tank your relationship, the fact that you’re HILARIOUSLY BROKE is at the bottom of the list.

A new survey asked people to name the biggest financial dealbreakers in relationships.  Here are the six results . . .

1.  Overspending, 38% of people say it’s a dealbreaker.

2.  Being secretive about money, 36%.

3.  Too much debt, 33%.

4.  Being too cheap, 20%.

5.  Bad credit, 18%.

6.  Their partner doesn’t make enough money, 14%.

(PR Newswire)

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Five Annoying Habits Explained by Science

February 4th, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

bitingHere are five annoying things people do, and the scientific explanations for why we do them . . .

1.  Constantly clearing your throat.  It happens when the membrane of your upper respiratory tract gets inflamed.  And it’s usually a sign of allergies.  If it happens year round, you might be allergic to something in your house, like dust mites.

2.  Over-sharing on Facebook.  Researchers at Harvard used an MRI, and found that when people answered questions about themselves, the reward centers of their brain lit up.  In other words, talking about yourself makes you feel good.

3.  Biting your fingernails or fidgeting.  Habits like that tend to be a sign of anxiety.  And a recent study found you’re more likely to do it if you’re a perfectionist.

4.  Loud, violent sneezing.  It has to do with how strong your abdominal muscles are . . . how big your windpipe is . . . and how much air your lungs can hold.  And some people also just naturally use more muscles when they sneeze.

5.  Road rage.  It has to do with how territorial you are.  Some people subconsciously see their car as an extension of themselves.

In fact, a study at Colorado State recently found that people who put bumper stickers on their car are more likely to have road rage.  Even if it’s something positive, like a sticker promoting world peace.

(Reader’s Digest)

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Double Dipping at Super Bowl Parties Is Literally Killing People

February 4th, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

dippingYou might think double dipping a chip at a Super Bowl party this weekend is a victimless crime.  Really, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

HERE’S the worst thing that can happen.  DEATH.  Lots and lots of death.

A study at Tulane University in New Orleans analyzed flu data from the past 35 years, and found an interesting connection to the Super Bowl.

If a city’s team is in the Super Bowl, their DEATH RATE from the flu jumps.  People over 65 in that city are 18% more likely to die . . . and that’s not a coincidence.

The researchers say it’s because people are more likely to attend big Super Bowl parties with people they don’t know . . . and whose germs they aren’t used to.

And as they all get really into the game, they start double dipping chips, shouting, and coughing . . . and that spreads germs.  And since older people are the most susceptible to dying from the flu, that’s really bad news for them.


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A School Accidentally Names a Weight Room the “White Pride Fitness Room”

February 3rd, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

weightroomMeyer Middle School in River Falls, Wisconsin needed a new weight room, so they created a committee called Pride Fitness to raise money.

And they got such a massive donation from a guy named Roger T. White, they decided to name the room after him.

So last week, they officially christened the Roger T. White Pride Fitness Room.  Or, as the head of the committee said, it’ll probably just be referred to as the, quote, “White Pride Fitness Room.”

And THAT’S when people pointed out that “white pride” is a term associated with neo-Nazis and white supremacists.  Only then.

So the school issued a press release a few days later saying they’re scrapping that name and going with the “Roger T. White Wildcat Fitness Room.”

(River Falls Journal)

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Six College Degrees and What They Say About Your Personality

February 3rd, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

collegeResearchers in Denmark analyzed the personality tests of 13,000 college students, and compared them to the type of degrees they were getting.  Here are five types of degrees, and what they supposedly say about your personality.

1.  An arts and humanities degree.  It means you’re creative . . . open to new ideas . . . somewhat outgoing . . . not very organized . . . and you’re more likely to have anxiety and be irritable.

2.  A degree in economics.  You’re probably very outgoing, but not as creative, curious, or open to new ideas as someone with an arts and humanities degree.

3.  A science degree.  You’re probably more curious than most people are.  And apparently the idea that science nerds are all shy and introverted isn’t true.  You’re actually more likely to be an EXTROVERT if you have a science degree.

4.  An engineering degree.  You’re probably not the most adventurous person, and you also might struggle with abstract thinking.  But you’re better at concrete thinking than most people.

5.  A law degree.  You’re similar to someone with an economics degree.  You’re an extrovert and probably enjoy social situations.  But you’re not as curious or creative as someone with a degree in science or the arts.

6.  A business degree.  You’re more emotionally stable, but also more likely to be competitive, and maybe even manipulative at times.

(Daily Mail /

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Nine Stats on What to Eat, Drink, and Say to Get a Second Date

February 3rd, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News just released nine great stats on dating.  Check ’em out.

1.  33% of single people met their last date online, and 26% met through a friend.  And you’re 78% more likely to get a second date if you met online.

2.  The ideal first date should last right around two-and-a-half hours.  Any longer and your chances of landing a second date start going down.

3.  Men expect a first date to cost $68 . . . women expect it to cost $56 . . . and both say a second date should cost about $10 more than the first date.

4.  Ordering sushi on a first date ups your chances of getting a second date by 170%, which was higher than any other food.  Ordering a cocktail ups your chances by 137%.

5.  Almost NO one expects sparks to fly on a first date.  59% said they don’t expect to feel chemistry until date two.  And about a third don’t expect it until at least date three.

6.  Talking politics on a first date actually INCREASES your chances of getting a second date by 91%.  And 25% said if you’re not registered to vote, it’s a deal-breaker.

7.  Over 80% said they’re also fine talking about religion, gun control, and immigration.

8.  Only 20% of men care if their date knows about sports.  And only 10% of women care if a guy is up on pop culture news.

9.  50% said ending a “good” first date with a kiss is okay.  But only 6% of men and 1% of women go into a first date expecting sex.

( / Multivu)

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