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Taste Test; Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles

November 26th, 2012    Posted in Interviews, Updates

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This is our Tuesday Taste Test from LAST week.  We were a little late getting things up with the holiday and all. But enough with all that, let’s talk about some pickles.

So we tried Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles this week and what’s really great about these pickles is they are locally made right here in Tacoma, Washington (that’s where Home Base Studios is located).  So, with that said, I dove into the Hot Mama brand that they offer (pictured below).

So two things about my own personal taste here. I’m not a big fan of sweet pickles AND I also don’t really like chips, I’m more of a spear or whole pickle guy.  Having said all that, these are really tasty.  Being that I don’t like the above mentioned AND it was early in the morning, I was so surprised at how good these are.  Now checking their website, they do have other products that I may be more into but these pickles made me a believer.  Also, LOVE the fact that there are big chunks or garlic in there. I’ll be eating that as well.  Want more info on these awesome and tasty local pickles?  Check out their website at

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the taste test.

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The Bobby D Show Pringles Taste Test

November 6th, 2012    Posted in Offbeat News, Updates

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OK, so today we gave Pringles new limited edition flavors a try. The two we grabbed were, White Chocolate Peppermint and Cinnamon and Sugar.  To say the least, I was worried about what potato chips flavored like this would taste like. Here is what I found out;

White Chocolate Peppermint Chips:  The best way I can put this is ‘Not cool man.’  They did not taste good and honestly I feel like things got worse as I continued to chew. The after taste was not good either.  You are really getting an odd mix of sweet and salty on this one.

Cinnamon and Sugar Chips:  These were actually not all that bad. I’m not sure that anyone would want to sit down and knock out a whole can, but I can easily see these as something you would eat as a holiday snack. The taste wasn’t bad at all and it’s a combo most people are used to and like.  No bad after taste with this one either, which was nice.

I would say go out and try them for yourself. It’s always fun to do a little taste testing now and again!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Is the Cisco CCNA Voice Certification Right for You?

September 7th, 2012    Posted in Updates

Statistics indicate that there is an increasing demand for IT personnel who have solid networking background experience in Voice technologies. If you would like to fill the need for professionals that can manage and support voice networks, then pursuing the Cisco CCNA Voice certification may just be right up your alley.

So, what are some of the responsibilities that are a part of a career in voice networking? Job duties that are required of Voice Administrators and/or Voice Engineers often include system monitoring and moves and adding and making changes on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Connection, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

A major requirement of gaining this Cisco certification is passing the 640-461 ICOMM v8.0 exam. This is a 90-minute exam designed to validate your skills and knowledge related to job responsibilities mentioned above. Exams of this magnitude will require diligent study and quality practice time. One of the best ways to practice for an exam such as this is by using resources from Testslive that provide the best exam simulations you will find. Testslive offers real test questions and their answers, which allows for exact preparation for the content that you will need to know in order to pass your certification exam.

If this voice technology sounds exciting to you and you are willing to undergo the proper training and certification preparation, then you are ready to join the ranks of this growing segment of the IT world.

Website to visit;  and

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Bobby D Tries the BBQ Chicken Candwich This Time

August 15th, 2012    Posted in Offbeat News, Updates

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Today was test run number two with the fine people from Candwich.  Last time we tried the PBJ Grape product and overall it was pretty good. Now, as you can probably imagine, I was slightly more leery when it come to a chicken product that had a shelf life of over a year.  But none-the-less I made the decision to do this and that’s what I planned on doing.  So I cracked open the air tight container and pulled out the ‘candwich.’

Now, unlike the PBJ Grape, in which you had to the put the sandwich together on your own, this one was already done for you.  YEAH! As you can see, it essentially is a little enclosed piece of bread.  I can hear you already ‘Where that chicken be at yo?’ Well my friend, it’s nicely packed inside this pouch.

Boom!  That’s what this bad boy looks like when you crack it open.  Of course, you can listen to the audio above to see how things went but I would say overall, for a chicken sandwich in a can, it’s not all that bad.  For one, it does actually TASTE like BBQ Chicken, which I feel was a good thing.  It was a little dry, but let’s remember that it comes in a can.  Also, someone wanted to know what this product runs for in the store. To the best of my knowledge, they run $1.99 at places they are sold.  Again, great for a day at the park or a trip to the water park maybe even a long car trip.  Probably not something to sit down and eat for dinner.  I would give the nod to the PBJ Grape as the better of the two ‘candwichs,’ but I’m told there is a French Toast option or something to that nature in the works, which I think sounds very interesting!

Thanks for checking this out!

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Misprints Everywhere! Please READ!

February 10th, 2012    Posted in Updates

We are seeing a lot of misprints such as this from the LA Times that went out to the Chicago Tribune and every other news paper across the country that’s under their umbrella;

But that doesn’t mean Westboro Baptist Church is going away. Members agreed to cancel their protest only after a Seattle-based Catholic talk radio show promised them air-time to preach their beliefs. The Bobby D Show — hosted by Bobby D, who describes himself as an ultra anti-abortion Orthodox Catholic — interviewed the founder of the Kansas-based church, Fred Phelps Jr.


Sorry, that’s not us. That’s someone else. We are a non-political, celebrity interview, goofy morning bits and fun times kind of show.  We stepped in because we thought we could help out.  Our Bobby D is not an ultra anti-abortion Orthodox Catholic NOR his he even a talk radio host.   One look at the other Bobby D’s website and it’s pretty obvious he has nothing to do with this situation.  Fred Phelps Jr. did not correctly Tweet at us this morning and people have been making this error since. I’m sorry that they have this wrong and hopefully will correct it ASAP.  We have contacted the LA Times in hopes that they will fix this error.  Thank you again for your understanding.

Bobby D
The Bobby D Show

UPDATE: 10:42PM PST. We’ve been told the story is going to be fixed. I’m tired.


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A Message From The Bobby D Show

February 10th, 2012    Posted in Updates


To say that the last 24 hours have been crazy would be an understatement.  We set out to help a family the we believe deserves to grieve in peace.  As I was doing research on Westboro Baptist Church I was made aware of the fact that they have called off pickets in favor of radio interviews.  I offered up The Bobby D Show as a venue to talk their talk if they agreed NOT to come to the funeral of the Powell boys.  Everything worked out but then, I had a change of heart.  What if they showed up anyway? Well, after getting a call from someone we believe to be close to the family, we called off the interview unless we could air it on Monday as to keep the focus on the family.  They said ‘no way’ to a Monday interview and we moved on.

This morning though, Fred Phelps Jr. from Westboro Baptist Church did call in. He seemed fine to chat with us and let the interview air on Monday.  Having said that, if they choose to show up to the event anyway, the interview will be destroyed and will never see the light of day.

Many emails and calls have some in, (even a death threat) asking us why in the world we would ever give this guy a venue to spew their hate.  That answer is simple; it’s about the family.  It’s not about you, it’s not about WBC, it’s not about this show and it sure isn’t about me.  You think I WANT to have these people on a show that I have worked so hard at perfecting to my liking?  NO way.  Having said that, I care about people and I DO NOT want them at a place that needs to be peaceful and a time ONLY for grieving and remembering.

In closing, you can hate me, you can hate the show and you can hate what we did.  I stand for what I believe in and I believe those kids deserve to rest in peace.   I stand firm in that this interview will NEVER be heard by another living soul if they are at that funeral, this I promise you.  So if they don’t come, take the day to remember what this is really all about, 2 kids that were taken far too early and a woman that is STILL missing.  Please be respectful of that.

Thank You,

Bobby D

UPDATE 2:  Many people have asked; ‘How do you know for sure that they won’t show up to the funeral?’  We don’t.  I don’t know that they were ever going to show up for sure.  But we played the ‘better safe than sorry card.’  If they do, the interview is destroyed. They have yet to go back on anything like this yet. Let’s hope that it stands!

UPDATE: Fred Phelps Jr. from Westboro Baptist Church on Twitter said this; “Just finished interview with @thebobbydshow. Bobby D. Was a real gentleman. Washington trip now cancelled.”


The Bobby D Show Award Winners for 2011

December 30th, 2011    Posted in Updates

And now it’s time to name the winners in The Bobby D Show Awards 2011.  Thank you to everyone that cast a ballot or voted on Facebook.  Over 1,000 ballots were cast for our nominees.  Here are your 2011 winners.

Best Interview:  MaryJanice Davidson

Best Celebrity Interview: Flava Flav

Top Podcast: Podcast #4 featuring the music of low-fi

Top Podcast Musical Guest: 6 Prong Paw

Best Clip: The Wipe Clip with Civi and Bobby D

Celebrity You’ll Miss the Most: Macho Man Randy Savage (I was sort of surprised by this one.)

Story that Had You Most Glued to the TV: Charlie Sheen’s Meltdown

Winner of the $250 Random Ballot Entry: Greg C. La Grande, OR

Winner of the $500 Every Winner Correct Ballot: Susan W. Steamboat Springs, CO.

Big thank you to EVERYONE who voted.  It was an awesome year, no doubt about it.  We are currently at 481 shows in the books, conducted over 450 interviews and had over 3.5 million hits to the website this year.  We continue to grow and I thank everyone that’s played a part in that.  Huge, big, large and expanded thank you to Cliffy the Web Guy and All the Time Aaron for your continued hard work on the show.  For not being in studio each and every day with us, you two do an amazing job at what you do.  Thanks so very much to Marsha R, Jared A, Cheryl T, Kris W, Cherie K, Joanne W and the many others that have to put up with us. JT for cracking out an awesome t-shirt design.  I’m sure I’m missing many but once again, THANK YOU to everyone who’s playing a part in what we are doing.  We shall rock it into 2012!!!!!

The Bobby D Show

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**BREAKING NEWS** Patrice O’Neal Dead at 41

November 29th, 2011    Posted in Updates

Comedian Patrice O’Neal has passed away at the age of 41.  The funny man was recently seen on The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. The full story can be found here.

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