Introducing DaySpring’s Fabulous New Sadie Robertson School Supply Line

April 22nd, 2015 Posted in Contests, Updates


Hello loyal listeners!  Here is the new school supply line from Sadie Robertson that you heard us talk about this morning. I know that my fiancee feel in love with the LOOK and QUALITY of the set.  What you see here are;

– A set of 6 inspirational magnets.

– 32 card set of Scripture Shareables

– Just Be Yourself Sticky Note Set

– Two (2) journals or assignment books

Again, not only is this all really well made but it also offers inspiration that can lead you through those tough days.  Head over to and check out the really awesome line from Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson.

ALSO!  If you would like to take home some of what is pictured here, send an email to the show (you should know the email by now if you listening to the show! itsthebobbydshow(@) – remove brackets from around the @ sign of course) and put ‘I want to win,’ in the subject line. We will pick a winner on Friday during the last break of the morning show!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the line!

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