The Bobby D Show NCAA Bracket Challenge Update #3

March 19th, 2012 Posted in Contests

Things are heating up in The Bobby D Show NCAA Tournament Challenge.  We finally, for the first time, just have one person in first place.  That would be j money5234 with 440 point.  Second place is only 10 points behind so really it’s still anyone’s game.  Most of the real big underdogs are gone now, so I guess I’ll be taking up the Ohio cause!  GO OHIO!!  Here are your current standings;

Standings After the First Three Rounds;

1.) j money5234 — 440 points

2.) skipsscrubs — 430 points

2.) Micbizzle253 — 430 points

2.) Ojohnson147 — 430 points

If you are wondering where Bobby D is in this competition, he’s tied for 17th!

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