The Bobby D Show NCAA Tournament Challenge Update #2

March 17th, 2012 Posted in Contests

WOW!  The first day didn’t offer too many upsets but the second day sure did. The first time EVER that two #15 seeds won in the same day and its been 11 years since a 15th seed even won a game.  Not to mention Ohio took down Michigan.  Made for a great day of basketball yesterday!  We still have a tie for the top spot.  Today though may break up the ties for good.  Three people are tied for the top spot and all of them are in the top 90% on  One of the top 3 has already had their pick for the national championship eliminated, the other two still have a chance for their pick to win the title.  Here are the top 3 all tied for first;

1.) skipsscrubs  — 230

1.) 92Seahawks — 230

1.) Brandon-Peters — 230

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