Podcast #11 Toy Called God

July 18th, 2011 Posted in Double D Podcast

This is the eleventh podcast from The Bobby D Show. Here’s what’s featured in this podcast: The music of Toy Called God, Paris Hilton Gives Advice to Ball Grabbers at Major League Baseball Parks, Pole Dancing at Funerals, When and Why is it Good to go Commando, Lies that Men Tell Women  and a lot more.  Keep in mind that our podcast are 100% NEW material.  We love to recycle but we’re not doing it here! Now find out more about the featured musical guests.


Toy Called God

Toy Called God is a groove Metal band from Brentwood California that mixes crushing distortion, great hooks and an amazing ability to make your head bang involuntarily. The band was started when a former guitarist delivered a package to drummer Zack Cliff’s house. The pair started jamming and occasionally adding future TCG singer Tyson Cliff to the mix. After Zack and the former guitarist posted a Craigslist ad for lead guitarists, former Pittsburgh Pa. guitarist Patrick Donovan was brought out to audition.

The pair liked Patrick’s playing enough to invite him back the following week, to jam with them and Tyson to see if the match was good for all four. The four then placed an ad for a bassist, and soon Dustin Phillips was added to the Toy Called God mix bringing the band count to 5 members. After rehearsing for few months, it was decided by four members of the band(Zack, Dustin, Tyson and Patrick) that despite all that the now former guitarist had done to help start the band, they would have to relieve him of duties for the band to move forward. Now the band has 18 original songs and is poised to assault stages up and down the West Coast.

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