Podcast #14 Scars of Envy (1st of 2012)

March 26th, 2012 Posted in Double D Podcast

**WARNING, the contents of this podcast may not be suitable for all audiences.  If you are under the age of 17, you should check with your legal guardian before listening.  Now…ENJOY!**


This is the fourteenth podcast from The Bobby D Show. Here’s what’s featured in this podcast: The music of Scars of Envy, Why Women Are Having Orgasms at the Gym, The Hung Games,  Best Way to Protect Your Daughter While She’s on Spring Break, My Sweet 80’s Theme Song is BACK, a clip retro clip, Strippers…I think  and a lot more.  Keep in mind that our podcast are 100% NEW material.  We love to recycle but we’re not doing it here! Now find out more about the featured musical guests.

Scars of Envy

Scars of Envy is the creative power of four dedicated and driven musicians joining forces at the precise moment in time to achieve an explosively charged sound – like the birth of a new solar system – its electric charge reaches beyond the realm of all expectations – unleashing its magic to blaze a trail across the future sounds of metal. The members of the band were forged together like fiery mol…ten metals in a cavernous cauldron of audio aggression – the sound of a new generation!

These four talented musicians have joined forces together to create a style of music that pays homage to the titans of the past and contributes to the new blood of the present – a style uniquely their own – and by this shall they be known – they are Scars of Envy.

(bio was taken from Facebook page and not written by The Bobby D Show)

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  1. Greg James says:

    Badass Bobby . . . Just listened to the entire cast . . . You have gained not only a friend but a fan as well.

    Thank you,
    Greg J. ^v^
    Scars Of Envy

    Shrinkwrap your daughter . . . LMAO . . . What if she has to go to the can . . . . ?