Podcast #15 Nativeburn

April 9th, 2012 Posted in Double D Podcast

This is the fifteenth podcast from The Bobby D Show. Here’s what’s featured in this podcast: The music of Nativeburn, Bug Infested Drinks, Drunk College Girls,  Why Albino’s are Upset, My Sweet 80′s Theme Song is BACK, a clip retro clip, DIY Sperm Donations…I think  and a lot more.  Keep in mind that our podcast are 100% NEW material.  We love to recycle but we’re not doing it here! Now find out more about the featured musical guests.



Erupting from the deep depths of the Central Valley, Nativeburn is one of the newest and hottest, up-coming Metal bands located in Fresno California. What sets Nativeburn apart from other Metal performers is their ability to compose music that is theme driven. Each masterpiece is designed around a theme and with captivating lyrics and heavy progressive riffs, this unique flavor will leave you wanting more!!!

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