Podcast #5 – 6 Prong Paw

January 28th, 2011 Posted in Double D Podcast

This is the fifth podcast from The Bobby D Show. Here’s what’s featured in this podcast: The music of 6 Prong Paw, How to Manscape correctly, Why you should pass on first date sex, Our Real American A-Hole, We introduce our new game with Ted Haggard, and a lot more.

Sessions for 6 Prong Paw started in 1998. The line up includes Nick Williams on vocals, Dustin Cook on guitar, Sean Austin on guitar, Josh Moore on drums and Chad Rabideaux on bass and backup vocals.

In March 2006 6 Prong Paw went on to win “The Heavyweight Championship” battle of the bands competition sponsored by former radio station 107.7 WKYL. The band beat over 200 entries. They also were approached by Joe Picasso films and had the winning show filmed in HD. The band had entered the competition for the past 5 five years, each time making it to the finals, so it was a great triumph to finally win. Plus the shows where creating a great buzz about the band in the Michigan area. Now you can find 6pp’s music anywhere and everywhere online including iTunes. The band has now invested in their own recording equipment and plan on using their experience to record their first full length. (This information was given to The Bobby D Show from the band and was not written by the show.)

Check out 6 Prong Paw on Amazon, or on Facebook.

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