Podcast #7 Attackhead

April 18th, 2011 Posted in Double D Podcast

This is the seventh podcast from The Bobby D Show. Here’s what’s featured in this podcast: The music of Attackhead, Why sex dies once you get married, An overactive bladder commercial, Men Choose Internet over sex and beer and a lot more.  Keep in mind that our podcast are 100% NEW material.  We love to recycle but we’re not doing it here! Now find out more about the featured musical guests.



Attackhead was founded in Orange County, California in late 2002 by guitarist/singer Mark Chapman.

Attackhead self released it’s debut full length CD “Voices in the Dark” in February 2008. The band members have a variety of musical influences from old school metal to death metal to Punk.

Attackhead signed with Twisted Hillbilly Records and re-recorded and re-released “Voices in the Dark – Second Attack” in the fall of 2010.

Attackhead strives to create an entertaining stage show, along with a “Just like the CD” musical performance.

Attackhead is described as Old School Thrash that will make you “Get in the Pit”.

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  1. Carolyn Hammond says:

    Thanks for the great interview with Mark Chapman of the Band Attackhead. They’re an up and coming group with a lot of energy.