This is My Kind of Dad

January 30th, 2013 Posted in Funny Pics, Offbeat News

punishment shirt

We’re seeing more and more stories these days about parents who come up with EMBARRASSING PUNISHMENTS for their teenage kids, instead of the old standards like grounding them or taking away their phones.  And it’s because they WORK.

We don’t have a ton of info on this one, because it’s all based on a photo that was submitted to the website  But it’s a great photo.

Apparently, a dad caught his teenage daughter sneaking in after curfew.  So he got a T-SHIRT made with a picture of HIS FACE on it, and the slogan, “Try me!”  Then he made her wear it for A WEEK, including five school days.

He also made her wash it every day.

Since we don’t have any other info, we don’t know if the punishment stuck . . . but we’re guessing that she’s probably not going to want to “try him” again.

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