The Bobby D Show Hall of Shame Inductee #2

April 11th, 2011 Posted in Hall Of Shame

Hall of Shame Inductee #2 — Chris Collinsworth — Bobby D and Civi have tagged this guy as possibly the worst sports announcer EVER.  This guy adds nothing to any sport cast that he’s a part of.  Ever wondered what it would be like to not want to watch a game JUST because of the guy who was doing the announcing?  THIS guy will make that happen for you.  He’s also been tagged by us for looking like a carrot.  Sorry, it’s just the way we see it.  Don’t think Chris Collinsworth deserves to be in The Bobby D Show Hall of Shame.  Write us or leave us a comment with THREE reasons why he should be taken out.  Be sure to tune in every Friday to Sports W/ Civi right here on The Bobby D Show.

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