The Bobby D Show Hall of Shame Inductee #3

April 13th, 2011 Posted in Hall Of Shame

Hall of Shame Inductee #3 — John Calipari — Both Bobby D and Civi love college basketball.  They both love how the game is played and the tradition that is college basketball.  Having said that, we hate when someone screws it up and we believe that this guy does that.  Wherever this guy goes it seems like trouble isn’t too far behind.  Coincidence?  Unlucky?  I think not.  Amazing to us is that fact that Terrance Jones decided to go to the University of Washington and then backed out to go to Kentucky.  Kentucky took two players away from the University of Washington in ONE year. I don’t know about you, but something seems fishy here! Don’t believe that John Calipari should be in The Bobby D Show Hall of Shame?  Write us three reasons why he should be taken off the list and we will review and talk about it on air.  Be sure to catch Sports W/ Civi each and every Friday.

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