The Bobby D Show is HIRING!!!

Well as we said awhile ago, we are in need of some help here at The Bobby D Show. Some of these things we will pay you for and some you can just gain experience as part of our wonderful team.  Here are some things that we need. If one or more of them look like something you would like to do, please contact us thru the contact page.  Please DO NOT submit a resume unless we specifically ask you for one. Most of these positions well NOT require you to provide us with a resume.  OK so the listings are down below. Take a look around;

1.) The Bobby D Show Wikipedia Entry
We feel like The Bobby D Show should have it’s own entry on Wikipedia. However we certainly do not have the time to do this correctly. From our dealing with Westboro Baptist Church to having over 1000 interviews we would like someone to document the show on Wikipedia. This is a PAID position that will conclude with the entry being completed.

2.) Maintaining Our Station Directory;Something that we would really like to have back on our website but currently Devin and I do not have the time to keep up with all the stations that we are on OR the stations that drop the show without ever telling us. (FYI if you are reading this, you owned a station and dropped us without warning, don’t bother emailing us. If you can’t send an email to inform us of something like that, you won’t fit in on this team. Sorry).  Don’t mean to sound bitter about that but we put in A LOT of work over here. A simple email shouldn’t be that tough. So this person would work with our web designer to make sure we are up-to-date. This is a NON paid position, on-going.

3.) Podcast Development
This is a position that MAY already be filled. You’ll have to check back a lot because this one can fill quickly. We are looking for someone to fill podcast slots for us. We have not done many podcast is the last year or so. The goal is to have a band featured in each and every podcast.  Tracking down the bands and making sure everything is in order can be tedious. If you have a love for unsigned music and want to help bands get there name out there get in touch with us about this position. This is a NON paid position.

4.) Station DevelopmentYour job is to find new stations for The Bobby D Show AND other stations under the Louder Than Normal Productions umbrella. You job is to find stations and pitch the show. That’s pretty much it. It takes a lot of email and calling but it can also be a lot of fun. This is a PAID and ON-GOING position. You will be paid per station added. If hired we will discuss your pay schedule.

5.) Show’s ‘Long Distance’ Intern
This may be the gig that most people will want to do.  YOU would be a creative part of The Bobby D Show. This is the most fun position we have. You job would be to find crazy and interesting stories and make them ‘bite sized’ and ready for use on the show.  You may be searching out insane and goofy pictures, adding this to the website, coming up with your own weekly segment, maybe your own place on the website and so on. You get to be creative here. We are looking for someone who’s creative, likes to dig thru the internet and can help make the show that much more entertaining.

6.) Sale StaffAhhhhh, the dreaded sales position. Our parent company, Louder Than Normal Productions is looking for TWO people to sell the show and our air time. This is a commission based position and probably shouldn’t be something that you are doing as a full time gig. You would need to email and call on potential clients to fill up add spots on all of our shows. This is a PAID position and ON GOING. Resume can/ would be helpful for this position but we are not requiring it.

All positions are open until they are filled. The name of the position well go from black bold to RED bold when the job has been filled. Thanks!


Bobby D


  1. J.T says:

    Ahem… !!!!


  2. Aaron says:

    Can I still be your talent agent ?
    I have been working with road runnert records

  3. Aaron says:

    Podcast Development Job. I can still do this if needed.

  4. Lizzy says:

    I may be able to help you with some of this!

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