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March 7th, 2011 Posted in Interviews

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Today we aired our interview with Allan Hennessey, CEO and President of Federal Trustee Services in Tacoma, WA.  The reason we spoke with Allan is to clear up some things that are being said about him personally and about the business he’s in charge of.

We received emails from people complaining about not getting the services they were promised, not getting calls back from the right people, employees not being paid and alligations that Allan has had more than just an interesting past.

It should  be pointed out that Allan makes it very clear, the end all be all here is NOT, I repeat, NOT to get your house free and clear.  He says most folks “just want to keep their house.”  But what does that mean?  You can get a three step course of action that the company sells, but the only thing they promise is that they will “discover what the truth is.”  He’s also quick to point out that they DO NOT do loan modifications and does not think they are very effective.  I know that I left our conversation unclear of what Federal Trustee Services does outside of just ‘fact finding.’

Allan’s past was also topic for discussion.  His past is something that will come up often considering the line of work that he’s in.  Here is what Allan admitted to us in our interview;

—  He was busted in 1999 for Bank Robbery and spent 30 months in jail for that crime.

— He admitts to over sights on at least one file that he calls a unique case due to his absense. That customer was given a 100% refund plus charges and we have confirmed that.

—  He admits that he just recently spent 2 months in jail for a charge that he admitted to.  Essentially writing a bad check that he thought the funds were their to cover from one account to another. (He admitted guilt but says that it’s not at all what it looked like).

—  He admits that past employees have not been paid in full.  Some, if not all, have received partial payment and by the end of the month will have the money in full.

— There are two websites the ‘claim’ to be Federal Trustee Services but the ‘.net’ address is NOT his company he says and is working to get that website removed.

— He admits to owing a previous partner from Real Estate $25,000.  That partner happens to be the mother of a friend.

—  The location of the busniess is NOT located in Unversity Place, WA like listed nor any longer on Oregon Ave. in Tacoma.  Allan has stated that the business outgrew the Oregon Ave. location and that’s why they needed to move again. (Of course, this is strange because Allan admits to not having cash to pay employees BUT they have enough money to move from their current location.  This doesn’t seem to add up).

— When asked ‘How many people have you helped to get their house free and clear,’ he was again quick to point out that that’s not the goal and they have helped countless people.

—  Outside independent contractors made false statements to a client which caused the client a lot grief.  Independent contractors, it would seem, are largely to blame according to Allan, for what happened in his absense.

These are just a few of the things that we discovered when diving into this.  As always, we would advise you to be an informed consumer and do your research before working with anyone in any industry. 

In OUR opinion the BEST and safest way to attempt to stop foreclosure on your home is to go through a government agency.  If you would like more information on how to avoid foreclosure, please check out the following site;

We leave it UP TO YOU to make an informed decision on whether or not Federal Trustee Services can actually help YOU.  Our main goal was to lay out the facts for you.  Everything stated above was confirmed in our interview with Allan. 

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the interview.

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