10 New Words Being Added to the Dictionary

November 26th, 2012 Posted in Offbeat News

The Oxford Dictionary Online adds new words every three months . . . and the list that they’re adding in the last quarter of this year is heavy on slang terms and technical jargon.  Here are 10 of the newest words in the dictionary:

#1.)  4G:  It stands for “fourth generation” and is a standard for cell-phone coverage that is . . . better than 3G.

#2.)  LTE:  It’s an abbreviation for “Long Term Evolution” . . . and it’s also a type of cell-phone coverage.

#3.)  Dance-off:  A competition between two or more dancers to see which one is eliminated . . . usually from a reality show.  (–Somehow, “pants-off dance-off” didn’t make the cut.)

#4.)  Deets:  An extremely annoying abbreviation of the word “details” . . . as in, quote, “How was the first date?  Give me all the deets.”

#5.)  Boyf:  According to the dictionary people, it’s an abbreviation of “boyfriend”.

#6.)  First-world problems:  This was popular on Twitter for awhile.  People would list problems that are minor compared to starvation and war . . . like not being able to get cell phone reception while sitting courtside at a game.

#7.)  Veepstakes:  This is one of those terms invented by newspaper writers and talking heads on TV . . . and isn’t actually used in normal conversation.  It’s the race to be chosen as a vice-presidential candidate.

#8.)  Stressy:  It’s the way someone acts when they’re under a lot of stress . . . as in, “She always gets stressy when she’s about to break up with a guy.”

#9.)  Forumite:  This is someone who posts a lot in an Internet forum.

#10.)  Big data:  This is the industry that collects and analyzes data . . . kind of like “big tobacco”, only with computer nerds.

(Oxford Dictionaries)

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