6 Girly Things That Every Man Should Try

January 24th, 2011 Posted in Offbeat News

Girly man

As men, we’ve all spent countless hours mocking our women for the ridiculous things they do that we would never do.

However, there are some womanly activities that we might actually enjoy trying — even if it means being ridiculed by our buddies.

According to The Smoking Jacket, here are some things guys should try …

—  Pedicures — Is there really anything wrong with paying a woman to rub your feet?

—  Take a Leak Sitting Down — Go ahead, be lazy and take a seat.

—  Cooking — Making yourself a meal, the way you like it, is very rewarding. Plus chicks dig guys that can cook.

—  Take a Bath — It’s relaxing, so go ahead, grab a cold beer and take a soak.

—  Be a Stay-at-Home Parent – It’s not easy, but neither is a day at the office. But at home, there’s no dress code and you could play and eat all day.

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