A Controversial Study Says There Are Six Types of People Who Become Obese

April 24th, 2015 Posted in Offbeat News

bigResearchers in England recently looked at profiles of more than 4,000 people who were obese.  And the results are causing some controversy, because they claim that almost all of the people fell into one of these six categories . . .

1.  Young guys who drank too much.  They had some healthy habits, and maybe even worked out.  But they still gained weight because of all the alcohol.

2.  Young women who overate.  Just like the guys, they were healthy in some ways.  But they were more likely to get their extra calories from food than booze.

3.  Middle-aged people who were unhappy and anxious.  Most of them were women, who were also more likely to suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

4.  Seniors with chronic health issues, like arthritis or diabetes.  They mostly had low levels of depression and anxiety though, and tended to be HAPPY with life in general.

5.  Older people with money.  They had some healthy habits, but drank more than average, and usually had high blood pressure.

6.  People who were REALLY unhealthy.  Meaning they didn’t exercise AND ate like crap.  They were more likely than any other group to have issues with pain and fatigue, and were also more likely to struggle financially.


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