A Quarter of Us Won’t Let a BMW in When We’re Stuck in Traffic

February 10th, 2016 Posted in Offbeat News

bmwIf you’re sitting in traffic and some guy in an expensive car rolls up next to you, and wants to cut in, do you wave him in?

For a LOT of people, the answer is . . . NO.

A new survey found more than a quarter of people won’t wave in a BMW driver in traffic.  They also don’t like being polite to people driving other expensive brands, like Land Rover and Mercedes.

But we don’t just discriminate against cars.  Three out of four people say they wouldn’t wave someone in if the person was using their cell phone . . . half wouldn’t if they were eating . . . and 6% wouldn’t if their car was dirty.

And 18% of people won’t let busses merge in front of them.

(Northamptonshire Telegraph)

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