Beauty Mistakes That Turn Men Off

March 5th, 2012 Posted in Offbeat News

Just like guy-liner and guy-lights can be a turn-off for women, stuff gals do to look good can back-fire.

Allure magazine polled men to find out which beauty mis-steps turned them off. Check it out …

—  Caked-On Foundation  Did you spackle your face to perfection? It looks it, and ends up on his shirt.

—  Overdone Eyelashes — Mascara is lovely. Tarantula eyes — not-so-much.

—  Dry Skin  Slather lotion on just after you step outta the shower, soft moisturized skin is a turn ON.

—  A Sloppy Shave  Nothing says “I’ve given up” like leg stubble.

—  Fragrance Overload If he can’t breathe around you, it’s too much. Stick to a max 3 three sprays of anything.

—  Sticky Lip Gloss/bold lipstick  There is lip gloss and then there’s that weird glue or bright red that comes off on his lips. Ew.

—  Orangy Self-Tanner  One word: Snooki.

—  Stiff Hair & Add-ins  Guys like simple, lower-maintenance hair, and it’s more approachable.

—  Smoky-Eye Overload  Unless you’re Taylor Momsen, you look like you’ve been punched. Keep smoky simple and keep it sexy.

—  Neon, Dark, and Patterned Manicures  Don’t freak him out with your manicure. Keep ’em clean, keep ’em simple).


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