Best Friend Days Only Women Could Enjoy

June 11th, 2012 Posted in Offbeat News

Ideas that women have as ‘great best friend days.’  Make me want to gag personally, because a guy would never nor could ever get away with any of this crap. Here they are:

—  Have a sleepover: Rent movies, play games and sit around all night in your PJ’s, just like when you were kids.

—  Plan a beach day or pool day for just the two of you: Bring girly mags and lots of diet soda and have an all-day gab fest while basking in the warm summer sun!

—  Have a wine and cheese night: A good bottle of wine and some tasty snacks … what a great night for truth or dare!

—  Give each other makeovers: Haven’t done it since high school? Who cares?! It’s totally girly and fun!


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