Double Dipping at Super Bowl Parties Is Literally Killing People

February 4th, 2016 Posted in Offbeat News

dippingYou might think double dipping a chip at a Super Bowl party this weekend is a victimless crime.  Really, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

HERE’S the worst thing that can happen.  DEATH.  Lots and lots of death.

A study at Tulane University in New Orleans analyzed flu data from the past 35 years, and found an interesting connection to the Super Bowl.

If a city’s team is in the Super Bowl, their DEATH RATE from the flu jumps.  People over 65 in that city are 18% more likely to die . . . and that’s not a coincidence.

The researchers say it’s because people are more likely to attend big Super Bowl parties with people they don’t know . . . and whose germs they aren’t used to.

And as they all get really into the game, they start double dipping chips, shouting, and coughing . . . and that spreads germs.  And since older people are the most susceptible to dying from the flu, that’s really bad news for them.


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