Five Times It’s Okay to Skip the Gym

February 9th, 2016 Posted in Offbeat News

gymThere’s a new study that says working out a ton might NOT be that great for losing weight.  Moderate exercise is good, but then your metabolism adjusts, so you don’t end up burning that many extra calories.  And it’s really more about diet.

But here are also five specific times it’s OKAY to skip a workout, and not feel guilty about it . . .

1.  When you’re sick.  If you’re just slightly sick, a light workout can make you feel a little better.  And the same goes for a hangover.  But if you’ve got a bad cold or the flu, you’ll just run yourself down more.

2.  When you’re injured.  Or at least don’t use the part of your body that’s hurt.  Like if you tweaked your shoulder, just do a leg day to give your upper body time to heal.

3.  When you’re exhausted because you haven’t slept.  If you’re on four hours sleep and have to choose between the gym or sleeping an extra hour, it’s okay to sleep in.

4.  When you’re really sore from a previous workout.  A little sore is okay, but if it’s really bad, take a recovery day.  Or just go for a walk or a jog.

5.  When you truly don’t have time.  In other words, getting to the gym shouldn’t ALWAYS be your top priority.  Like if it’s either getting in a workout or making it to your kid’s PTA meeting, skip the workout.


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