The 8 Types of Fantasy Football Players

August 12th, 2011 Posted in Offbeat News

Football is back in full swing and fans are amped for the beginning of the 2011 season. No one is more excited than fantasy football fans.

Right now, most of your are scouring scouting reports and keeping daily tabs on who is hurt, who’s expected to have a breakout season, and who should not be drafted.

And every fantasy football league has the same type of people in it. Here are the eight different people in your league.

—  The Homer — He’s the guy who just drafts players on his favorite team.

—  The No-Show — Every league has the guy who drafts a team and then doesn’t even check on it during the season.

—  The “Everyone’s a Sleeper Pick” Guy — No one can understand why he drafts these no-name players. Sometimes it even works out for him.

—  The Overly Trusting, Gullible Friend — He’s the guy who drafted a kicker in the second round because you told him that field goals are going to be worth a lot of points in the league.

—  The Girl — Somehow a girl was allowed into the league.

—  The Second-Guesser — He takes the full time for each draft pick and the full time to consider every trade offer.

—  The Researcher — This guy bought every football magazine, studied every player, and probably checked out some practices too.

—  The Filler — This guy probably doesn’t know much about football, but he was asked to join because you need an even number of teams.

Source: Guyism

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