Ways the World Will Probably End

March 20th, 2012 Posted in Offbeat News

So many people are worried about so many things … but why? Don’t they realize the world could end today?

That, of course, would be the ultimate bummer — especially considering we’re just about to enjoy March Madness.

Well, if the world does end today, here are some possible ways it could happen:

—  Asteroid Impact — Scientists say the odds of us getting wiped out by an asteroid are 1-in-700,000.

—  Nuclear War — There are random nukes in the hands of crackpots all around the world. All it takes is one of these bozos to have a bad day.

—  Biotech Disaster — With all the genetic engineering going on, it seems that something has to go very wrong, eventually. Be on the lookout for crazy mutations.

—  Robot Revolution — These days, the idea of robots taking over isn’t that far-fetched.

—  Super Volcano — There are three known super volcanoes in the U.S. alone. Each of these is capable of creating enough dust and debris to block out the sun for several years.

Now, go enjoy your day.


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