The Bobby D Show #1034

April 16th, 2014    Posted in On Demand

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This is The Bobby D Show from Tuesday April 15th, 2014. We are a day late getting this show up so just sit back…..AND ENJOY!  Sorry for yelling but I want you to listen!

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If You Take Naps, You’re Going to Die

April 15th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

sleepingHere’s something brand new to worry about.  Next time you sneak in a quick nap on the couch . . . or curl up in a supply closet at work . . . it means you’re GOING TO DIE SOON.

Researchers at Cambridge University in England just published the results of a 13-year study of more than 16,000 people . . . and they found people who regularly take naps are much more likely to DIE YOUNG.

People who take naps are almost 33% more likely to die before age 65 than people who don’t.

The main reason is people who nap are about twice as likely to die from a respiratory illness.

Now, obviously we’re kind of goofing on the results here . . . because do people who nap a lot develop breathing problems?  Or do undiagnosed breathing problems make people tired and want to take naps?  The researchers aren’t sure.

Their big recommendation is if you find yourself taking a ton of naps, it’s worth going to a doctor to get yourself checked out . . . you could have an undiagnosed breathing problem.

(American Journal of Epidemiology / Gawker)

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The Bobby D Show Interview with Chris Daughtry

April 15th, 2014    Posted in Interviews


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This morning we had the pleasure of welcoming to the show platinum recording artist Chris Daughtry.  He spoke with us ahead of his North American Tour and gave us the run down on some judging he’ll be doing. Chris is lending his knowledge and skills to ‘The Voice of McDonalds,’ a singing competition for McDonald employees from around the world. Chris will act as a judge and mentor to the 16 finalist.

Be sure to follow Chris on Twitter at;  or keep up with tour dates here;

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the interview!

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Seven Things That Don’t Work Like They’re Advertised

April 15th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

richWe’ve all bought something that didn’t work at ALL like the commercial promised it would.  Then felt ripped off AND bummed out.

What’s one product you WISH would work like it’s advertised?  Here are seven of the most popular answers . . .

1.  Penile enlargement pills.

2.  Axe body spray.  No, it does NOT make women flock to you.

3.  X-ray specs.  You know . . . the novelty glasses where you can supposedly see through things.  Obviously it’s just a stupid optical illusion.

4.  Odor-masking cat litter.  That odor is NEVER really masked.

5.  Get-rich-quick books.

6.  Weight loss pills.

7.  Condoms.  No matter how thin they are, you ALWAYS know they’re there.


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What Her Pet Says About Her

April 15th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

catIf you want to get to know a girl a little better, you may not need to look any further than her pet. The type of pet someone chooses to have actually tells a lot about their personality.

For instance, say she owns a cat. Cats are independent and self-sufficient, which means she is too. And since kitty can pretty much take care of itself, your girl will have no problem leaving it alone to spend a night out with you.

Girls who own dogs are usually sporty and low-maintenance.

If she owns a reptile, like a snake or lizard, expect her to be a little freaky or self-absorbed.

Bird-owners are very bubbly, talkative and optimistic.

Girls with rabbits probably don’t care much about cleanliness. Same thing with girls who keep rodents as pets.

The girl who owns a horse is wealthy and very high-maintenance.

There are some girls who have insects as pets, like butterflies or ant farms. As you might guess, they’re very into science and probably really weird.


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The Bobby D Show #1033

April 14th, 2014    Posted in On Demand



This is The Bobby D Show from Monday April 14th 2014. On this morning’s program we discussed 6 things that can make you a better tipper, a man busted for being TOO good of a lover, 5 signs that the man you are with is a player, bad situations for socially awkward guys, the biggest status symbols for men, Chance Encounters Can We Meet Again, stand up comedy today from Steven Wright, a dad sues a coach over his kids playing time and SO MUCH MORE!

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Six Things That Make You Tip Better

April 14th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

tipsThere are a bunch of things that make you tip better that AREN’T related to good service.  Scientists figured out six things that can cause you to give your server more money:

1.  If they touch you.  Scientists did a study, and customers who got touched on the shoulder or hand for about a second when the check came tipped the MOST.

2.  If they’re blonde.  Blondes receive way better tips than servers with any other hair color.

3.  If they draw a smiley face on the check.  It only works if your server is a woman though.  If a guy does it, the tip actually goes DOWN.

4.  If they wear something in their hair.  This one doesn’t work for guys either.  Apparently, waitresses get way better tips from men AND women when they’ve got flowers, barrettes, or some other ornament in their hair.

5.  If they crouch next to the table.  Tips go up a lot if servers do this because it creates better eye contact and you feel closer to them.

6.  If they wear red.  Again, this is just a factor for women.  Men tip waitresses in red way more for some reason.

(New Republic)

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Five Signs the Guy You’re Dating Is Playing You

April 14th, 2014    Posted in Offbeat News

playboyIf you’re worried the guy you’re dating is playing you, here are five red flags you should look out for . . .

1.  He’s fickle.  Meaning he texts and flirts with you one day, then ignores you for the next two weeks.  If he wanted to date you, he’d find a way to get in touch.

2.  He never makes plans.  If you never make plans ahead of time, and just hang out whenever he spontaneously gets in touch, he’s probably just using you because you’re convenient.

3.  He has a bad reputation.  You can’t believe everything you hear, but if he’s got a reputation for being a player, that’s obviously something you need to keep in mind.

4.  He never talks about himself.  If you’ve known a guy for weeks and still don’t know anything about his childhood or family, it’s because he wants to keep things surface-level.

5.  He only flirts in private.  Sure, some people are shy or don’t like PDA, but if he ONLY flirts with you on the phone or when you’re alone together, it’s because he wants to keep you a secret.

(All Women Stalk)

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