The Five Types of Vehicles We Find Most Obnoxious

August 31st, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

smalldickYou may not look particularly COOL or SEXY driving around in an $11,000 Kia . . . but at least no one’s going to call you obnoxious. So you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.

A new survey asked people what types of vehicles they think are the most OBNOXIOUS. Here are the top five . . .

1. Lifted 4-by-4s. It’s like you’re trying to drive a monster truck.

2. Hummers.

3. Low riders.

4. Harleys.

5. Sport bikes. Meaning motorcycles that are sleeker and faster . . . the ones guys use to weave in and out of traffic like lunatics.

The five vehicles we like the most are sports cars . . . hybrid and electric cars . . . classic muscle cars . . . fancy SUVs . . . and RVs.

Only 34% of the people who said sports cars are their favorite actually own one.

(Yahoo Autos)

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The Bobby D Show #1178

August 27th, 2015    Posted in On Demand


This is The Bobby D Show from Thursday August 27th 2015. Thanks for checking out the show. To listen to the show live check out and search for ‘The Bobby D Show.’

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Three Lies You Should Never Tell Your Doctor

August 27th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

doctorAccording to doctors, here are three lies you should never tell them, because it can affect your treatment.

1. That you’ve been taking your medication every day, when you really haven’t. They might decide the medication you’re on isn’t working, and give you something stronger that comes with more side effects.

2. That you’ve been working out a lot more than you have. If you’re dealing with something like high blood pressure or high cholesterol, again . . . they’ll wonder WHY working out didn’t make a difference, and it might affect how they proceed.

3. That you never smoke, even if you only smoke socially. Obviously lots of health problems are associated with smoking. So if you tell your doctor you never smoke, and he hears wheezing in your chest, he’ll wonder why and might order unnecessary tests.

The same goes for alcohol, which is associated with heart disease, high blood pressure, memory problems, depression, and a TON of other things.

Alcohol can also skew the results of certain tests. And obviously you can’t drink with some medications.


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Want $25? Just Promise You Bought Starkist Tuna in the Past Five Years

August 27th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

tunaThis is the easiest $25 you’ll ever make.

There was a class-action lawsuit filed against Starkist Tuna about two-and-a-half years ago, claiming they were intentionally under-filling their cans by a few tenths of an ounce.

And they just settled the lawsuit. Even though they didn’t officially admit to anything, they’re PAYING UP.

If you bought at least one five-ounce can of Starkist tuna between February 19th, 2009 and October 31st of last year, you’re eligible for $25 . . . or $50 in tuna.

Now, odds are you don’t have any grocery store receipts to prove you bought the tuna. But that’s fine. You just have to SAY you did. Although if you lie, you could be facing perjury charges . . . but we have no idea how they’ll prove it.

To claim your free money, go to and fill out a claim form before November 20th.


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The Six Dumbest Classes Colleges Are Offering Right Now

August 27th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

collegeI’m not sure college kids need lessons on how to waste time on the Internet . . . they’ve been doing it since the first day they touched a computer. But one Ivy League school wants to help them dig even deeper.

The University of Pennsylvania’s English department is offering a course this year called “Wasting Time on the Internet.” The description says the class will, quote, “Explore the long history of recuperation of boredom and time-wasting.”

Here are five more ridiculous classes colleges are actually offering this year . . .

1. “How to Win a Beauty Pageant: Race, Gender, Culture, and U.S. National Identity.” It’s offered by Oberlin College’s Contemporary American Studies department.

2. “Tree Climbing,” at Cornell University’s Physical Education department.

3. “Tattoos, Piercing, and Body Adornment.” It’s offered by Pitzer College’s Asian American Studies department.

4. “Kanye Versus Everybody!” from Georgia State University’s English department.

5. “On Being Bored,” at Brown University’s English department.

(Daily Caller)

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August 27th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

madisonMore and more Ashley Madison stats are being released every day. We already know some of the infamous people who had accounts and that a lot of people in the government and military were users. And we know the states that were home to the most cheaters. Well, here are a few more fun facts:

Who Is Using The Site:
86% of Ashley Madison users are men; 14% are women

18.3 million are attached men looking for women, 12.6 million are single men looking for women. 2.4 million are attached women looking for men; 1.9 million are single women looking for men.

Top 10 Cities With Account Holders:
San Paolo, Brazil –374,542
New York – 268, 171
Sydney, Australia –251,813
Toronto – 222,982
Santiago, Chile – 218,125
Melbourne, Australia – 213,846
Houston – 186,795
Los Angeles –181,918
London – 179,129
Chicago – 162,144

Where’d They Go to School:
Oh, you Ivy Leaguers, you … Here are the Top 5 Universities for Ashley Madison account holders:

(Pop Sugar)

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The Bobby D Show #1177

August 27th, 2015    Posted in On Demand


This is The Bobby D Show from Wednesday August 26th 2015. Thanks for checking out the show. To listen to the show live check out and search for ‘The Bobby D Show.’

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Ten Things You Shouldn’t Own After 30

August 26th, 2015    Posted in Offbeat News

lavaSomeone posted a list of the top ten things you shouldn’t own after you turn 30.

Here’s what they came up with . . .

1. Unframed posters.

2. Trophies from high school.

3. Too much IKEA furniture. One or two things is okay, but not your entire place.

4. A collection of shot glasses.

5. A lava lamp.

6. A huge shelf full of DVDs. And the same goes for CDs.

7. Picture frames with inspirational messages on them, like “Live, love, laugh.” One or two are okay, but not 20.

8. A beanbag chair.

9. Glow-in-the-dark stars that go on your ceiling, unless they’re in your kid’s bedroom.

10. Fake plants. By the time you’re 30, you should be able to keep a REAL plant alive.

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