Nine Stats on What to Eat, Drink, and Say to Get a Second Date

February 3rd, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News just released nine great stats on dating.  Check ’em out.

1.  33% of single people met their last date online, and 26% met through a friend.  And you’re 78% more likely to get a second date if you met online.

2.  The ideal first date should last right around two-and-a-half hours.  Any longer and your chances of landing a second date start going down.

3.  Men expect a first date to cost $68 . . . women expect it to cost $56 . . . and both say a second date should cost about $10 more than the first date.

4.  Ordering sushi on a first date ups your chances of getting a second date by 170%, which was higher than any other food.  Ordering a cocktail ups your chances by 137%.

5.  Almost NO one expects sparks to fly on a first date.  59% said they don’t expect to feel chemistry until date two.  And about a third don’t expect it until at least date three.

6.  Talking politics on a first date actually INCREASES your chances of getting a second date by 91%.  And 25% said if you’re not registered to vote, it’s a deal-breaker.

7.  Over 80% said they’re also fine talking about religion, gun control, and immigration.

8.  Only 20% of men care if their date knows about sports.  And only 10% of women care if a guy is up on pop culture news.

9.  50% said ending a “good” first date with a kiss is okay.  But only 6% of men and 1% of women go into a first date expecting sex.

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The Bobby D Show #1275

February 2nd, 2016    Posted in On Demand


This is The Bobby D Show from Tuesday February 2nd, 2016. Thanks for checking out the show. To listen to the show live check out and search for ‘The Bobby D Show.’

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A Couple Who Met on Instagram Finally Met in Person, and Got Married on the Spot

February 2nd, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

instaloveIf you’re one of those people who believes in the incredible power of love . . . even YOU might be skeptical of this story.  And if you’re a person like me who’s dead inside, you DEFINITELY will be.

A woman from Murrieta, California named Erica Harris randomly connected on Instagram with a guy from New York named Arte Vann about a year ago.

Erica is surprisingly attractive for a story like this.  And Arte has a chinstrap beard.  Just throwing it out there.

They started chatting online, they sent each other videos, and then they became a couple . . . even though they’d never met in person.

And they finally took it to the next level on Friday.  Arte bought a one-way ticket to California . . . Erica met him at the airport . . . he proposed . . . and they got married on the spot.

Arte says, quote, “Don’t listen to your thoughts, don’t listen to your head.  Follow your heart, follow your soul.”  Erica says, quote, “For anybody that doesn’t believe in fairy tales anymore, who am I?  It can happen to you too.”

(CBS 2 – Los Angeles

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Nine Signs Someone’s a Psychopath

February 2nd, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

psychoWe tend to use the term “psychopath” for serial killers and crazy people.  But about one in every hundred people qualify as a psychopath, and most of them AREN’T crazy murderers.  Here are nine signs someone’s a psycho . . .

1.  They’re arrogant, and they truly believe they’re better than everyone else.

2.  They’re charming, they talk a lot, and they dominate conversations because they think what they have to say is more important.

3.  They get bored easily.  So they need constant stimulus.  They might also have trouble finishing projects.

4.  They’re extremely manipulative.  They also tend to be very good at lying.

5.  They show a lack of remorse or guilt when they do something wrong.  Or they might not even accept responsibility for it.

6.  They’re impulsive . . . they do things without thinking of the consequences.

7.  They’re irresponsible.  They show up late to work a lot, and might also be financially dependent on someone else for long periods of time.

8.  They have a bad temper, and might get annoyed or impatient really easily.

9.  They struggle with serious relationships.  And when they ARE in one, they tend to sleep around a lot.


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There’s a Homeless Guy in Detroit Who Now Takes Credit Cards

February 2nd, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

creditI’m assuming homeless people hear the sentence, “Sorry, don’t have any cash on me,” thousands of times a day.  But there’s a guy in Detroit who’s going to make you get more creative with your excuses.

Abe Hagenston has been homeless in Detroit for about seven years, living under an overpass.  And he recently took his panhandling to the next level . . . by accepting CREDIT CARDS.

Quote, “I take Visa, Mastercard, American Express.  I’m the only homeless guy in America who can take a credit card.  It’s all done safely and securely.”

Abe has a cell phone, and he bought a small credit card swiping attachment from  It costs about $10, and they charge a small percentage fee.

Even with his ability to take credit cards, he says his panhandling hasn’t been going that well.  He’s trying to get new glasses, but hasn’t gotten enough money to afford them yet.

(CBS 62 – Detroit

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Your Dog Loves You Five Times More Than Your Cat

February 2nd, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

catdogYou know how your dog goes nuts when you get home and treats you like a hero.  While your cat MIGHT kinda give you a “Hey, what up” nod?

We hate to break it to you, but it’s because your dog really DOES love you more.

A new study analyzed saliva from dogs and cats after they played with their owners for 10 minutes.  The researchers looked for how their levels of oxytocin changed, since that’s the hormone connected to love and bonding.

They found the oxytocin levels in dogs jumped 57.2% after some quality time with their owners . . . the levels in cats only jumped 12%.

So, yeah . . . your dog loves you approximately five times more than your cat.

The researchers say, quote, “These dogs really care about their owners.  It was also a nice surprise to discover that cats produce any [oxytocin] at all.”

(The Independent)

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The Bobby D Show #1274

February 1st, 2016    Posted in On Demand


This is The Bobby D Show from Monday February 1st, 2016. Thanks for checking out the show. To listen to the show live check out and search for ‘The Bobby D Show.’

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The Five Reasons Women and Men Spend Time Making Themselves Look Good

February 1st, 2016    Posted in Offbeat News

differenceA new survey found the average American spends nearly five-and-a-half hours grooming themselves every week.  That includes showering, getting dressed, doing their hair, and putting on makeup.

Over the course of a year, that’s almost 12 full days.  So, why do we devote that much time to making ourselves look good?  Or, you know, at least presentable?

The top five reasons for men and women are PRETTY similar . . . except only men admit it’s because they’re trying to GET-IT-ON.

The top five reasons women spend time looking good are:  To feel good about themselves . . . to make a good first impression . . . to set an example for their kids . . . to express their individuality . . . and to feel in control.

The top five reasons men spend time looking good are:  To feel good about themselves . . . to make a good first impression . . . to set an example for their kids . . . to please their wife or girlfriend . . . and to impress hot girls.

(PR Newswire)

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