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“When I put it on, it felt like I was being hugged by an angel.  I never felt better in my life.”*
Sue from Seattle, WA

“The first day after I got my shirt I won the lotto, quit my job and found the woman of my dreams. It was incredible.”**
Gary from Gainesville, FL

“I never had any luck with the ladies…that is until I got my The Bobby D Show t-shirt. All of a sudden every woman I saw was trying to take me home with her. I can’t thank Bobby enough.”***
Billy from Butte, Montana

“I was homeless down on my luck and had lost all my teeth, I got my hands on a The Bobby D Show t-shirt and everything became amazing. All my teeth grew back in and I got a million dollar a year job.”****
Tina from Tylersville, OH

“I’m not sure how to say this….but I obtained super human powers after I got my shirt.  I can jump over tall buildings in a single bound AND I’ve been able to run for hours without getting tired.”*****
Jerry from Jerrystown, PA

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*,**,***,**** and ****** = Please note that these people probably didn’t say these things….or are probably not even real.  By no means will buying one of these shirts do anything for you EXPECT make you look really darn good!  It looks good on ya!  Are you still reading this?  That’s crazy! I’m just pretty much typing now to see if you’ll keep reading.  Still there?  Want to be friends?  You should buy a shirt then, I’m pretty sure that would make me want to be your friend. So do it….no really…just do it…like Nike said.