The Bobby D Show By-Laws

Here you will find “by-laws” that The Bobby D Show would like to seen made into LAWS!!!   The goal is to get as many people as possible to sign up.  Some of these are new that we came up with and others have been around for awhile that we just really really like.  If you would like to join anyone of the “causes,” please go to the contact page and we will sign you up.  The goal is to get AT LEAST 1,000 people to join each cause.  Go to our contact page and sign up today!!!


“The Committee for the 4 day Work Week.”

The first of the by-laws that we would like to see passed into law.  Here is the best way that I believe that this could be done.  We start out the year with the first Monday off.  So, that would mean that the first week would be Tuesday-Friday.  We would then get the following Friday off.  So the second week we would work from Monday-Thursday.  Essentially, we would alternate having Monday’s and Friday’s off.  Basically, you would be looking at a three day weekend each and every week. Who wouldn’t like that?

—  Amendent A1 — There shall be no working 10 hours in the 4 days to make it a “40 hour work week.”  Work weeks shall now only be 32 hours of actual work.

—  Amendent B1 — There is no working on weekends unless you a.) want to or b.) are doing so to get out of work on another day.  These would both be acceptable.

—  Amendent C1 — If by chance a holiday ends on a Monday that you would have to normally work because you already had Friday off, you shall also get that Monday off.  Holidays are bonus days.


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