Smashing Racist Stereotyping

February 12th, 2013 Posted in Updates

In this modern day and age, it’s hard to look back at years past and still hold races accountable for the atrocities that happened when war was profitable and the world was too full of itself to realize the true meaning of humanity. If one was to tour the world, anyone can dispel the age old fallacies that we’ve come to know as truths.

The German-Nazi connection
It’s more than half a century since World War 2 and most if not all who voted and supported Hitler are either dead or very old. The modern Germans are easy to admit that they were wrong and that period in their history is one dark chapter that should never be repeated. This topic is very popular in any German school and the consensus is very clear: they were wrong and are very sorry for the sins of their forefathers. To an untraveled eye, modern day Berlin is indistinguishable from any bustling European city. Business is booming and the modern German is just as much immersed online as any modern country. This is why gaming portals such as partypoker DE thrive in Europe as poker is very popular here. As people shy away from the usual casinos due to its frivolous nature and tedious process, the comforts and safety of online gaming is apparent to any enthusiast. Apart from the possible financial gains in poker, the site also offers seat at the most prestigious poker tournaments; the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker where German champions like Boris Becker and Pius Heinz lead the charge for team Deutschland.

Asians are bad Drivers
If you’ve never been to Asia, you most likely have had your share of bad Asian drivers in your locality. But then again, if you look at it, how many of those bad drivers are Caucasian too? In most parts of Asia, the streets are narrow and it takes excellent drivers to go toe to toe with scooters and motorcycles outnumbering you 3:1. In Guoliang tunnel road China, roads are so narrow and dangerous that a simple mistake means certain death.

Native Americans love to Gamble
This is fairly new compared to the first 2 and while the love for casinos and the game of poker is universal, Native Americans have recently enjoyed a lot of success in this industry. Since there are a lot of laws that favor reservations, casinos proliferated in areas owned by tribes. In reality, Native Americans (like any other race), love to earn money.

Since the world is coming together in the digital age, none of these things will matter in the future. Whether you’re a looking for Prince Charming or a nice Fraulein, we are all the same. Hopefully, the rest of the world will catch up before religious wars further deepen wounds that may never heal.

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