The Bobby D Show Award Winners for 2011

December 30th, 2011 Posted in Updates

And now it’s time to name the winners in The Bobby D Show Awards 2011.  Thank you to everyone that cast a ballot or voted on Facebook.  Over 1,000 ballots were cast for our nominees.  Here are your 2011 winners.

Best Interview:  MaryJanice Davidson

Best Celebrity Interview: Flava Flav

Top Podcast: Podcast #4 featuring the music of low-fi

Top Podcast Musical Guest: 6 Prong Paw

Best Clip: The Wipe Clip with Civi and Bobby D

Celebrity You’ll Miss the Most: Macho Man Randy Savage (I was sort of surprised by this one.)

Story that Had You Most Glued to the TV: Charlie Sheen’s Meltdown

Winner of the $250 Random Ballot Entry: Greg C. La Grande, OR

Winner of the $500 Every Winner Correct Ballot: Susan W. Steamboat Springs, CO.

Big thank you to EVERYONE who voted.  It was an awesome year, no doubt about it.  We are currently at 481 shows in the books, conducted over 450 interviews and had over 3.5 million hits to the website this year.  We continue to grow and I thank everyone that’s played a part in that.  Huge, big, large and expanded thank you to Cliffy the Web Guy and All the Time Aaron for your continued hard work on the show.  For not being in studio each and every day with us, you two do an amazing job at what you do.  Thanks so very much to Marsha R, Jared A, Cheryl T, Kris W, Cherie K, Joanne W and the many others that have to put up with us. JT for cracking out an awesome t-shirt design.  I’m sure I’m missing many but once again, THANK YOU to everyone who’s playing a part in what we are doing.  We shall rock it into 2012!!!!!

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